9th August 2012


Dear Barbara

Thank you so much for getting back to me, I need to go back to the beginning before I write about what I am going to ask of the Daily Mail and its proprietors. To do that in the fastest way possible is for you and your management team to visit my website which is

Your editorial team will remember him, even though his funeral was back in 2007 as you focused on his military funeral and what I had to say at the time. Much has happened since that tragic day when he was killed in Basra Iraq on the 27th of February 2007.

From that tragedy operation braveheart was born, not only to remember Daniel but to also remember every serviceman and woman who gave the ultimate sacrifice then in Iraq and also in Afghanistan both then and now. It exists to support our forces bravehearts and heroes and their families.

I wish just to give you an albut brief outline of what operation braveheart does as I really want to get down to the reason for my contacting you. Operation braveheart supports 7 various forces charities and organizations and has made various amounts of funding available to them, but now since last year I am focused on one specific project, which is to raise the funding to be able to purchase our life support vehicle. This will be used to travel the south west and other regions of the UK to find and support our forces bravehearts.

I have attached for you some information in a booklet form about my vision for the vehicle and also a first draft copy of a support booklet that will be coming on stream for publication as soon as I can find the support from the business community by way of sponsoring an advert within the magazine which will cover the cost of the printing.


Barbara, I need to refer you to an article published in the August 7th edition written by Paul Sims, and please hold what operation braveheart does in your mind as I explain. Pauls article refers to some empty homes which are in need of restoring to a habitable status and are under the control of Stoke ON Trent city council these homes are being blighted by vandalism and the city council has come to a decision to sell these homes at a peppercorn cost of as little as a £1.00 with the proviso that purchasers live in them and repay a low cost loan of up to £30.000 per home.

Now this is where I would like the Daily Mail to focus on why I am explaining about Operation Braveheart and my forces family.

Barbara, we have literally hundreds of our servicemen in absolute dire straits, in a hopeless and a homeless situation, living rough on the streets of this country and many in the London areas and one council in particular has gone out of its way to remove the homeless from their streets because they do not want anyone to see the extent of the problem, does WESTMINSTER COUNCIL ring any bells with your editorial team?

Barbara to me ONE SERVICEMAN OR WOMAN LIVING ON THE STREETS OF THIS COUNTRY IS ONE TO MANY and is an absolute disgrace and total disrespect by this Government on our forces, who give their all and a lot more besides for this country.

So now I come to the baseline of what I am going to be asking of the Daily Mail and its proprietors and talking of the baseline many of our servicemen and God forbid women too are in such desperate situations that some have fallen to the very pit of hell and then find themselves in HM Prisons and we have many such servicemen languishing in Exeter prison here in Devon.

So now I come to the core and bite the bullet Barbara, because I am going to ask you to help me with an initiative, an initiative that would help to get at least some of our bravehearts and heroes off the streets of despair and into a home with a roof over their heads.

Barbara I will come straight to the point and ask for your help with some financial funding supported by the Mail and its proprietors, to be able to pay for these homes and to get the money to refurbish these homes and get them habitable for our bravehearts and heroes.

Let me get the help of our great Daily Mail to support and help bring back our bravehearts and heroes from the dark abyss and save lives because Barbara they stare into that abyss 24/7

If the Mail will help then we need to move swiftly in contacting Stoke On Trent City Council, and I would urge you to do that and to contact me so that we can get this huge ball rolling across this country of ours because there are vast amounts of empty properties across the board which could be provided for our forces bravehearts and heroes.

I am begging this national newspaper to help me in seeing this happen and your newspaper would outshine as a first to actively support our homeless bravehearts

With love and respect

David Godfrey
Operation Braveheart
Cullompton Devon

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