26th March 2009

Forgotten Heroes, But By Whom ??

I had not intended to write to you in this vein just yet, but my heart
is heavy and troubled with pain and suffering, not my pain but that of
others. So let me take you by the hand, and your heart, and not only
lead you through the streets of London, but any major city today where
the forgotten of our society dwell and yes DIE.

Let me take you back to times gone bye and bring you into the future,
now today in Great Britain 2009 in a supposedly caring society,AND YET
as a caring society lead by leaders who supposedly care, WE FAIL

Just look at the response of this Government to our war veterans last
week in their need, and I will write that again THERE NEED to be able
to revisit the battlefields where so many of their comrades had lain,
broken and dieing in terrible pain. Drawn there by memories, memories
that have been etched on their minds for many, many years.

The response of Government figures and the MOD was in effect mind
blowing in its crassness, and totally reprehensible beyond belief, and
it is only by the acts of other nations that has shamed this countries
leadership into a sudden change of heart. In the words of one wise
monkey who said "If the organizer's had asked, we would have tried to
accommodate them, or words to that effect.

That struck me like a hammer blow and God only knows what our veterans
felt. COME ON!!! THEY NEEDED TO HAVE BEEN ASKED?????? Had any other
country NEEDED TO BE ASKED? In a word NO.

They were ready and eager to respond, even Germany itself wanted to and
have done and hey have earned much respect in my eyes for that.

The MOD stated that they would only go on certain anniversaries the
next being the centenary but by then we will have no veterans to make
the trip.


This is where I am troubled, by the acts of heroism that has been
forgotten, many from the world war, soldiers who are long gone to
glory, they now I hope and pray rest in peace, BUT NOT SO OUR
SERVICEMEN TODAY, in stark contrast to our hero's of yesteryear, today
it hits every man and woman and child even, THAT RIGHT HERE AND NOW WE

From July so we are told, most of our servicemen will be brought home
from Iraq. leaving a token force behind to continue to train the Iraqi
police and military, but the bulk will be home and I thank God for
that. But what of the future, what does it hold for our servicemen who
are fit and ready to go to where ever they are sent, BUT WHAT DOES IT

Those who have been injured, injuries not seen by visible scars or loss
of limb, but those lost souls who roam the streets of London, and any
other major city you care to mention in the UK.

For our fit able bodied servicemen, they will after a period of R &
R be sent out to Afghanistan to support those who are already there,
facing the unseen and unknown enemy.

For our wounded hero's who have been damaged in the mind, scarred
mentally, certainly not visible wounds but wounds just the same. Such
men as these are lost hero's, facing turmoil in the head that tears
there waking hours and sleepless nights, I know this to e true from
experiences told me by mums and dads who too have been traumatized by
the experiences of their sons.

It is unforgivable that so many of our servicemen have been left to suffer in this way, unbelievable that in this 21st century that as a country we are letting such men slip
through the hands of our welfare system, and yes we are to blame too,
because we should be shouting in the Governments ears via our MP's to
right this injustice to those who wander the streets of our cities,
alone, apart from the terror and pain in their heads that follows their
every step

Here lies the path for Operation Braveheart, here is why I will fight for truth and justice for our <br />
servicemen. I commend to you the four service charities that I have
taken under the umbrella of Operation Braveheart. THE ARMY BENEVOLENT
FUND. SSAFA. THE RBL and combat stress.

Combat Stress is the support charity for those servicemen who I have
been writing about here, so please have a look at their website and see
what they do to find these home alone lost servicemen.

It is not easy for me to do what I need to do with Operation
Braveheart, because I need you too, if we are going to turn the scales
of justice to look favorably on our beloved brave hearts.

With much love and respect


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