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13th September 2012

Operation Braveheart Trustee Committee

It has for me personally been a long, long road which has been traveled in getting to where we are now with Operation Braveheart, it has been, as far as the organizing and setting up of events.

This has been a very much me myself and I team, and I despaired often and wondered if somehow I could find some people willing to go that extra mile in supporting our servicemen and women of our forces in memory of Daniel and all his comrades and their families.

I am urgently seeking a few people from my locality who would be willing to give just a little bit of time one in a while and be on my urgently needed committee so that I can proceed further toward where i wish to see Operation Braveheart go.

As a committee we would then have the means to move forward with my ideals and plans for the future well being of our forces bravehearts and heroes.

It is an absolute MUST, that I can get our constitution set up, once that has been achieved we could as a formal committee move forward with the charity commission to gain official charity status.

This will be difficult for us for some time as the Charity Commission have changed the rules as now you have to show them that your annual turnover is a minimum of five thousands pounds per annum.

We can however pursue our aim in asking the lottery for some support which we shall be looking at once I can get a committee up and running.

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2 Responses To Operation Braveheart Trustee Committee

  • Tina Williams said 5 years 10 months 10 days ago...

    "I love this new layout David, congratulations to your son for doing such a great job."

  • David Godfrey said 5 years 9 months 29 days ago...

    "Thank you Tina, Adam does a great job for us with the website, he is a fantastic help for me"

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